Chenango County, NY
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National Historic Districts

  • Court House District
     Norwich, NY  Includes 47 buildings starting at the Chenango County Court House along both sides of Main Street and City Hall.  Pamphlets leading walking tour are available. Contact the City Historian at (607) 336-2476.
  • Hamlet of South Otselic Historic District
    South Otselic, NY  Includes many residential structures.
  • North Broad Street Historic District 
    Norwich, NY  Includes 44 buildings in residential area of Norwich, NY   Pamphlets leading walking tour are available. Contact the City Historian at (607) 336-2476.
  • Village of Afton Historic District
    Afton, NY Includes many residential structures. Contact the Town Historian at (607) 639-2720
  • Village of Bainbridge Historic District
    Includes many structures in the area including the churches on Park & South Main Streets, several homes are Queen Anne, Federal and Gothic style. Contact the Town Historian (607) 967-4833
  • Village of Greene Historic District
    Greene, NY Includes over 100 properties in both residential and commercial areas. Contact the Greater Greene Chamber at (607)656-8225
  • Village of New Berlin Historic District
    New Berlin, NY Included 122 properties in both residential and commercial areas.  Contact the Town Historian at (607)847-6498
  • Village of Oxford Historic District
    Includes many structures in one commercial area and two distinct residential areas.  Contact the Village Historian at (607)-843-9531
  • Village of Sherburne Historic District
    Sherburne, NY  Includes many structures in both commercial and residential areas.   Contact the Town Historian at (607)674-4027
  • Village of Earlville Historic District
    Includes many structures in the area.  Contact the Town Historian.

National Register Sites

  • The Earlville Opera House
    Sherburne, NY  Two story theater built in 1896; it is still a center of activity for local residents, used for cultural activities such as theatrical performances, films and operatic presentations.
  • The Oxford Memorial Library
    Oxford, NY Built in 1794 by famous bridge designer, Theodore Burr.
  • Preferred Manor
    New Berlin, NY Large, imposing residence built in 1831; featuring one of two indoor weathervanes in existence.  Still in use:  1800's Kitchen and Servants quarters.  Preferred Manor also a stop on the Underground Railroad.  Currently owned by Preferred Mutual Insurance Company and is used as a bed & breakfast.
  • The Rosekrans Building
    Greene, NY Built in 1860 by the Masher Brothers; unique for its mold sheet iron storefront.
  • White Store Church and Evergreen Cemetery
    White Store, town of Norwich Classic New England style meeting hours,built 1820.
  • Bate's Round Barn
    Route 12, South Greene, NY Built in 1914 this barn has 4 floors.  As the builder states,"  There is more work to do behind the cow than in front".  The Barn is constructed so the cows should face outward front center.
  • Young's Round Barn
    South Greene, NY Built in 1931 it was constructed and designed by the same man that built the Bate's round barn.
  • Calvary Episcopal Church
    North Street, McDonough, NY
  • Columbus Community Church
    Columbus, NY
  • Charles C. Hovey House
    53 W. Main Street, Bainbridge, NY  Contact the Town Historian at (607) 967-4833  This Queen Anne, circa 1889, is the former home of Dr. Edward Danforth, author of the "Stones from the Walls of Jericho" which was published as local history in 1985.

Historic Sites

  • Chenango Canal
    Erie Canal in Utica to Binghamton, NY including lock site.   Sherburne, North Norwich, Oxford and Greene 97-mile route with 114 locks used from 1837 to 1878 used to transport goods until it was unable to compete with railroad. 

Historic Cemeteries

  • Beardsley Cemetery, Oxford-McDonough
    Contains a grave with a window because the child buried here, Merritt Beardsley, was afraid of the dark.
  • Corbin Cemetery, Oxford, NY
    Ulysses S. Grant's sister, Victoria Grant Corbin, is buried here.
  • Mt. Hope Cemetery, Norwich, NY
    David Maydole, inventor of Maydole hammer, Irving M. Ives U.S. Senator; Newtons and Pellets, early settlers of Norwich buried here.
  • St. Malackey's Cemetery, Sherburne, NY
    Description:  Parents of famous psychiatrist Dr. Harry Sullivan is buried here.
  • Union Cemetery, McDonough, NY
    Janet Hill Gordon, assembly woman, buried here.
  • West Hill Cemetery, Sherburne, NY
    Houses grave of Clarence Bellinger, psychiatrist and four of electroshock therapy.
  • Evergreen Cemetery, White Store, Norwich
    Oldest public use cemetery in county, burial place of 1 Revolutionary War soldiers, 3 War of 1812 veterans and Civil War soldiers.

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